Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calogrenant - Week 30


Caroline said...

Nice blue. I have been waiting six months for a dress that colour to get price reduced in a sale.

Can hardly wait to see her full length...

Zoë said...


You do know the lady in blue is not Caroline! Note Myrdyn's use of the pronoun 'her'.

Is she the maiden in the castle? Perhaps? The next big development to the story.

Zoë said...

Look back to weeks 8 and 12

Gillian said...


Zoë said...


Mrydyn says "This is not GOING TO BE easy for her"

'maiden' in blue says "nor WAS it"

Different tenses. Significant? Does WAS refer to her previous life of HAVING BEEN a man and a knight or to something else yet to be revealed?

Curious! Sometimes the most innocuous of statements can point the way.