Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

I'm tempted to go into a bit of research and tell how Thanksgiving has its roots in Sukkot, the ancient Jewish harvest festival and give lines and lines of pedantry. I'd rather keep it short and sincere.

I give thanks for my health. I give thanks for two beautiful, funny and intelligent daughters. I give thanks for an ex whom I still love and who is now my best friend. I give thanks for Melody. I give thanks for Alisa. I give thanks for Jayne. I give thanks for Paula. I give thanks for my father. I give thanks for my students and for all with whom I have a daily contact.

Those beloveds are a given.

In the past four months, though, I have been blessed with a group of friends who, though they are scattered throughout the continent, are very, very dear to me: Abby, Lori, Gillian, Rhada, Shauna, Christianne, Stephanie, Denise, Leith, Kathryn, Teri, Cathryn, Chloe, Sarah, Eva-Genevieve, the list is so long...

You all have touched me from so far. You have caused me to reach for my highest spirit and to reach inside for the gold.

Bless you every one. I love you all.

Joy be yours this day and every day.


Abby said...

Gillian, thank you for all the love and support you have given me since we discovered each other here on the internet.

May peace and love be yours this day and always.


TTTT said...

You've been so supportive since I came out with my blog... I hope you have the happiest of thanksgivings :-]

Gilly said...

I am thankful for everyday I have known you.

Here's a haiku just because:

You lift my spirit
When I am lost, you find me
You are in my heart

Many Hugs

Lori D said...

I too am quite thankful of our new friendship too, Gillian. But I'm not going to carve you up like I did my turkey today! LOL. I'll just count you as one of my blessings instead! ;)

Shauna said...

I actually was going to do the same thing, the roots of thanksgiving buy decided against it. I always say a prayer for you and all my friends, you too have enlighten me and cared about my well being that I didn't think human nature did anymore, you proved me wrong and I am thankful. May I continue to serve you as the angel and your friend always.

Love you Gillian very much and happy Tday


Gillian said...

I'm speechless.
Bless you all.
I wish we all weren't so far away from each other. I want to hug you all.