Sunday, January 12, 2014


Book 2 of Calogrenant beginneth at


Anonymous said...

Herewith, forsoothly, a comment from afar!

Found the site last eve! Sat up and read all 83 instalments and, frankly, enjoyed them. Grand dialogue, solid chacterisation, and in the end I was happier for spending my evening that way.

Aye and verily, a work done well, of which you might rightly be proud.

(curtsies in gratitude)

an anonumous woodswoman

(with apologies for being anonymous, but mine is not, alas, a locale in which open discussion of certain ancient histories would be well-received)

Gillian said...

I thank thee, good woodswoman, for thy kind words, (indeed, I am greatly flattered). An thou art of Facebook, thou canst like the Calogrenant fan page, and word shall reach you each week of Calogrenant's adventures.
And if thou wouldst make thyself known unto me, thou canst message me on Facebook or send me a missive at
Again, my abiding and humble thanks for praise.