Sunday, December 7, 2008


So I've just spent an hour putting a music player on this page. It doesn't turn on automatically, so if you want to be exposed to the kind of music I listen to, scroll (wayyyy down) to the bottom of the page. I hate to make you work just to listen to some obscure piece of music, but since I don't work in html, I'm stuck with this template - which is why that thing is at the bottom of the page in a box it doesn't fit.

I'll be adding to it from time to time as I find stuff that suits my fancy. Be forwarned, though, popular music and I part ways somewhere around 1950, then meet up again in the big folk music scare of the early sixties, and finalize the breakup in the 1970's.

So anyway, if the mood strikes, scroll to the bottom and see what's there.


Lori D said...

What an eclectic mix! I will be listening in more now! Bach and Gershwin, wow!

Gillian said...

Just one more thing to keep me from spending a Sunday morning grading papers. Since the whole thing is based upon what's already posted on the Internet, I was somewhat limited in the songs I could find. There's an absolute DEARTH of North African Tuareg courting music.

Gilly said...

LOL! I just about died during Star Wars - Moosebutter.

This playlist is made of win.

Gillian said...

My daughters introduced me to that one, along with The Arrogant Worms, who did The Last Sasketchewan Pirate. Glad you like it. Having strange tastes can be a great comfort.