Monday, September 22, 2008


There are so many topics I'd like to explore right now, but I am inundated with at least three separate jobs, and I'm weary unto the bone. However, I wanted to get this out while it was still fresh in my mind...

I'd like to acknowledge my friend Gillian Y who sent me a link to a Trans-Ponder podcast in which Mila and Jayna interview actor Peterson Toscano regarding his theatre piece on transgenderism in the Bible. (I wish I'd thought of it first and done the homework.) Gillian had been doing some housework and came upon this year-old program, linked it to her blog, and was kind enough to alert me. I've listened to it once already and intend to take notes when I play it again. Peterson Toscano's ideas are, for me at any rate, source of comfort and hope. I love the thought that Joseph's coat of many colors might be a princess's outfit. That in itself is worth clicking the link.

(I've just dumped about a page and a half of text about paganism and Abrahamic religions into a Word file for future use. I'm tired, and I'm not gonna go there right now. Two things this blog is doing are keeping me on my toes and making me a bit nervous about stepping on anyone else's.)

Any ideas out there regarding Judeo-Christianity being a couple teaspoons trans-friendlier than appearances would have it?


Peterson Toscano said...

I'm so glad you found Mila and Jayna's podcast. I really enjoyed doing that interview with them. I'm not sure where in CA you are, but I have hopes to bring Transfigurations to San Francisco in February or March.

Gillian said...

Why Mr. Toscano! (She coyly manipulates her fan.) I'm so honored that you'd visit my little blog! (She flutters her eyelashes, displacing a contact lens.)

Seriously, though, please let me know the dates as soon as you sure them up. I in the LA, but it would be well worth the drive.